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Ten Foundational Best Practices

The "Ten Foundational Best Practices" are the must-have features and functionality for all law firm websites, regardless of size, practice-mix and reach. Stop guessing. There are 71 attributes that you can reference when planning your website refresh or redesign. They change over time - based on changes in visitor expectations and how buyers of legal services buy, and new standards in the web industry. Your targeted and coveted visitors have high expectations that your law firm will deliver the answers to their burning needs and pressing questions. Are you delivering?

Content Pilot created the now widely-lauded Ten FBPs and has conducted 7 comprehensive analyses of the AmLaw 100 or AmLaw Global 50 firm websites. The research began in 2005 and the last study was Q4 2019.

You can access the latest results, trends and insights on this site, but we also encourage you to download the latest comprehensive White Paper here.



trends over the years

Follow how AmLaw 100 and AmLaw Global 50 firms scored over the 7 research studies on each FBP. Interactivity and Mobility were added in 2007 and 2013, respectively, so they start at zero. Hover over the line for each year and the scores for that year will appear.

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Clients, prospects and referral sources are judging you based on their visit to your website. Don't take chances and don't waste their time by settling for a poor experience. With our Ten Foundational Best Practices Audit, you will find out how well your site is performing and receive a specific roadmap for immediate improvement. Inquire today!

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Your firm website is the most visible and accessible picture of your law firm and how you do business. Since 2005, we have been passionate about helping firm leaders elevate their reputations and relationships by ensuring they are telling the right story and truly connecting with the people who matter most: clients, colleagues, referral sources, future employees. Let us help you tell your story.

Deborah McMurray

Deborah McMurray

CEO + Strategy Architect